The Strenght of the Baobab

About Us

Baobab-Tek Inc. is a young Quebec-based company led by Eve-Lyne Cuggia, who founded her project on the benefits of the baobab which she learned during a humanitarian trip to Ghana in March 2014, when 'She was 26 years old.


Upon returning home, Eve-Lyne found that the baobab and its benefits were totally unknown in North America. With the help of the Embassy of Senegal in Canada and the collaboration of several laboratories in the country and across the border, she relied on the properties of the baobab and chose to market a juice based on baobab pulp.


The project was first developed with her family. At first, it was decided to market two varieties of juice, one with watermelon flavor and the other, Island punch. The trademark simultaneously offers bulk flavors: watermelon, island punch, cherry and lemonade (in a 340 g bag), in addition to pure baobab powder in 240 g bags. All these products are pro-biotic, pre-biotic, antiseptic and highly antioxidant, characteristic qualities of the Baobab pulp.


October 2015: The first production hits te stores .. The region of Lanaudière was the first aim, followed by that of Montreal and its surroundings. In six months, the company's products can be found in more than eighty stores.


April 2016: The company is making a breakthrough in the Maritime provinces.


July 2016: Agreement with new distributors. Baobab-Tek Inc. now has 140 stores in addition to 4 distributors covering the following regions: Northwestern Quebec, Granby Region, New Brunswick and Gaspésie.

March 2017: OB Drink is now in more than 300 stores.

June 2017: New bottle, New design, new receipe, OB Drink is now 100% Natural!

January 2018: We signed a contract with Sobey's. We added new stores inclueding all IGA and Rachelle Béry in Québec. +/- 500 stores.

September 2018: Signature of an agreement with a food broker who goes from store to store making sure the fridges are full. Opening of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean.

Our Mission

The mission of Baobab-Tek Inc. is to give back.

Eve-Lyne and her team will help an orphanage located in Dakar, Senegal. As we also care about the well-being of our crops and the villagers who work there, we will give back to the village where the Baobab pulp comes from, building an early childhood center, developing an electrification plan And drinking water helping to replant baobabs for future generations. We are proud to be at the very beginning of this long process and this adventure of a lifetime.

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